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I never realized how restrictive everything is when I don't have my flash drive. I forgot it after a class and one of my classmates was nice enough to grab it for me, but I haven't seen her yet to get it back. Because I don't have my flash drive, I can't do homework on any of the computers on campus. They won't let me save my files even temporarily on the hard drive. I also can't do the homework I'm attempting on my netbook because the poor baby can't deal with the programs I need to use. It's annoying.

On the upside, I'm about halfway through the semester. I'm officially bored with it and would like it to end now.
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The thing that I dislike about meeting people in a place I've never been before is I don't know the best place to wait. I don't necessarily know where the main entrance is, or if there are other rooms for people, or how far away everyone I'm meeting with lives. It also doesn't help that I'm always the earliest person and I don't know if other people are late or just somewhere else. All this leads me to write angsty posts about my waiting issues. :) I guess I should focus on my work now.
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I finally feel like a real college student, by which I mean I'm sitting around campus LJing it up. And by "LJing it up," I of course mean that I'm reading smutty fanfic. One of these days I'll graduate to the big leagues and read fic in class. Right now I'm on the practically deserted top floor of the student union. I kinda need to work up to do fandom related stuff in front of people, y'know?

I didn't post about SPN 6.01 on Friday night because it was kind of a stressful day for RL reasons. I suppose I also didn't have much to say. I love that show is back but I was kinda meh about the episode. Here be mild spoilers )But over all, I'm just psyched to have our little show that could back. Yay!
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I hear some show is coming back tonight for its sixth season. I am not excite at all. I'm totally lying, you guys.

What I'd like to see in Season 6 of SPN )
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Ugh, LJ. Why do you have to be stupid in the same way Facebook is? Don't just roll out new features without warning everyone about the changes. So flisties, please don't crosspost any comments on my LJ to Facebook or Twitter please. I would appreciate it.

Minor fandom pet peeve: Let me start by saying that I love Inception and the Inception fandom. I love the fic, I love the art, and I spend time I should be doing homework hanging out in the kink meme. Having said that, let me show you my pet peeve. In my opinion, the physical characteristics of a character do not necessarily match the physical characteristics of the actor playing them. For instance, if an actor dyed their hair blonde to play a character, that character may be a natural blonde and not whatever hair color the actor is. Little things like that.

That's why it somewhat annoys me that it's widely accepted fanon that Eames has tattoos. If you look at fanart, they even seem to look like the same tattoos Tom Hardy has. I have watched Inception multiple times, and I can think of only one instance that you can see any tattoo and that time it was just the slightest hint of one. You'd have to be watching for it to see it. So my thought in this case is that since Eames wasn't shirtless in the movie and didn't flash tattoos, that Eames does not actually have tattoos.

Anyway, like I said, it's a minor annoyance. I can see why people wouldn't agree with me and I'm not going to go into every single post that has a tattooed Eames and make my case. I just kinda wanted to get it off my chest.
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I'm super convinced at the moment that this semester is going to be easy As straight across the board. Which is why there's probably going to be something in a couple of weeks that'll turn around to bite me in the ass. Oh well. Until that happens, I'm going to take this time to appreciate the feel of invincibility I have.
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In case you haven't heard it yet, you need to look for a song called "Fuck You" by Cee-Lo (of Gnarls Barkley fame). It's catchy and fun and the video is so cute. I think it's also a good, peppy attitude to have when something annoys you. (I can't link or embed because YouTube is hating me at the moment.)

Speaking of annoying things, I'm trying to get the student versions of Windows 7 and Office because I need them for school. However, my university does not issue student e-mail addresses anymore. So, I had to scan my student ID and send it to Microsoft so they can verify that I'm a student. I have to wait until they e-mail me back saying that I can get the discounts. It's super stupid.
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Today was my first day of classes. It seems like all of them are on the up and up and shouldn't be too strenuous. We'll see though.

The actual reason I'm doing this mini entry is to point out that I'm updating LJ on a bus. I'm on a computer, using the internet, on a bus. How awesome is that? I'm way too easily amused by technology.
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You would think that my return to college (for the first time in three or four years) would be the biggest sign for me that fall is coming. And yet, it's not. I only realized how late in the year it's getting to be because [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang is over for the year. I should probably get my priorities straightened out.
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I'll let Alec express my opinion on this for me.

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On Monday, I dropped two classes and got into two classes I need for my new major. This of course meant that I needed to return the books I'd already bought and get new ones. So after selling back five books and buying two, I ended up getting back about $1.50. Yeah. That's why people need loans for college.
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Aah! My lovely blogging streak got broken by Friday the 13th. Then I just got too lazy to go back. But I have inspiration now! School and my netbook.

I'm actually writing this entry on my netbook. I named her Plum after the character from Chobits. She's just as cute and tiny but she doesn't do a dance when she goes into standby mode. Computer programmers really need to get on that.
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I had an eventful day. I went into Sacramento to visit the Star Trek Exhibition at an aerospace museum. I'll probably do more of a write-up about it tomorrow.

I meant to write it today, but I watched So You Think You Can Dance and my focus is gone. We're entering TMI territory here, but I got so turned on watching the episode tonight. It started with Robert doing the Cool number and his partner wearing the really hot suit and the stockings with the line up the back. Then Robert and Kent doing the tango-esque dance fight. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and leaning forward for the whole thing. Whoo boy. I wanted more of that.
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I had to take today off for a very simple reason. I can barely move. It's sad. I'm sore all over, and the parts of me that aren't dealing with muscle strain are sunburned. Blargh.

Tomorrow, I get to see the Star Trek exhibit in Sacramento! I'll post deets when I get back. Maybe I'll even have pictures. At the very least I should be able to get some knitting done on the way down and back. That'll be good. I should probably head to bed.
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I was gonna do a post about my long and interesting day. I really, really hurt though. So, here's the summary: It was a long day. I changed my major. I think I did well on the interview. The end.
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I've been seeing people posting all sorts of angry posts in various places talking about how stupid/mean/offensive people are. There have been a few people (nobody on my flist cuz you guys are awesome) that post in communities/on their journals a couple times a week about that very same topic.

My thoughts? Chill. Unless you or one of your close friends are being personally attacked, there's no reason to get all worked up about it. There will always be stupid/mean/offensive people in the internet/real world, and there's not a lot of point constantly ranting about it. I understand if it's an occasional "I hate my life and I have to rage" post but getting worked up about people that often isn't doing yourself any favors. Step away from the internet/source of anger, take a deep breath, then try to do something to make yourself or someone else a little happier. That's pretty much the best way to take care of that sort of thing. It's less likely to give you a heart attack or stroke, too.

Just needed to get that opinion out there really fast.

In other news, I have a job interview tomorrow. The outfit I've put together for it makes me look like I'm auditioning for Peter Pan, which doesn't make me all that confident that I'll do well. I guess I'll just have to do my best and keep my fingers crossed.
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I made a knitting icon! *points in general icon direction* I wanted to have something to use when I talk about my projects, since apparently they're going to be taking up a lot of my time.

I made my godson a hat and wristwarmers for his birthday. I thought I would post pics so I could show off a little bit. They weren't particularly difficult, but I thought they turned out cute.

Accidentally Magneto colors )
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For cho_malfoy )
ETA: Ack! I'm filling prompts at the [livejournal.com profile] inception_kink meme. Somebody stop me before I start ruining people's lovely, porny prompts.
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It's been a good couple of days. Prop 8 has been overturned. Elena Kagan has been confirmed as a Justice of the Supreme Court. Every once in a while, I feel like the moderates/liberals may have a chance.

P.S. Watching The Daily Show. "Shoulderbang" is temporarily my favorite phrase.


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