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Jared Padalecki is 28 today. I'll always think of him as a giant puppy, no matter how much of a manbeast he actually is.

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Today's my birthday and it's been awesome. My mom made me a Stonehenge cake and decorated the house with pics from Stonehenge Apocalypse. My dad delivered me yummy, yummy food. I will be getting my birthday present from them (Batman: Under the Red Hood) in a couple of weeks. And [livejournal.com profile] cho_malfoy made me a super groovy birthday post and Jared as Doctor Who icon, which is cooler than all other icons ever. Oh, yeah. You wish you had my life.

Day Twenty-Seven: Your Favorite Season Intro Episode
I assume this means fave season premiere. I will go with "Lazarus Rising." No particular reason Pamela's hot, just 'cuz.

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This post is later than usual because I had a busy day. Today is my lovely sainted mother's birthday. Love ya, Ma!

Day Nineteen: Your Favorite SPN Song
I was gonna say Foreplay/Long Time, but then I checked my icons. I love when Dean is a happy dork and sings. So, Heat of the Moment and Wanted Dead or Alive are probably my faves. Maybe more Wanted Dead or Alive because we get Sam's "Waaaaaaaah-NED" part. It's so adorbs. <3

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