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I never realized how restrictive everything is when I don't have my flash drive. I forgot it after a class and one of my classmates was nice enough to grab it for me, but I haven't seen her yet to get it back. Because I don't have my flash drive, I can't do homework on any of the computers on campus. They won't let me save my files even temporarily on the hard drive. I also can't do the homework I'm attempting on my netbook because the poor baby can't deal with the programs I need to use. It's annoying.

On the upside, I'm about halfway through the semester. I'm officially bored with it and would like it to end now.
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I finally feel like a real college student, by which I mean I'm sitting around campus LJing it up. And by "LJing it up," I of course mean that I'm reading smutty fanfic. One of these days I'll graduate to the big leagues and read fic in class. Right now I'm on the practically deserted top floor of the student union. I kinda need to work up to do fandom related stuff in front of people, y'know?

I didn't post about SPN 6.01 on Friday night because it was kind of a stressful day for RL reasons. I suppose I also didn't have much to say. I love that show is back but I was kinda meh about the episode. Here be mild spoilers )But over all, I'm just psyched to have our little show that could back. Yay!
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I'm super convinced at the moment that this semester is going to be easy As straight across the board. Which is why there's probably going to be something in a couple of weeks that'll turn around to bite me in the ass. Oh well. Until that happens, I'm going to take this time to appreciate the feel of invincibility I have.
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In case you haven't heard it yet, you need to look for a song called "Fuck You" by Cee-Lo (of Gnarls Barkley fame). It's catchy and fun and the video is so cute. I think it's also a good, peppy attitude to have when something annoys you. (I can't link or embed because YouTube is hating me at the moment.)

Speaking of annoying things, I'm trying to get the student versions of Windows 7 and Office because I need them for school. However, my university does not issue student e-mail addresses anymore. So, I had to scan my student ID and send it to Microsoft so they can verify that I'm a student. I have to wait until they e-mail me back saying that I can get the discounts. It's super stupid.
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Today was my first day of classes. It seems like all of them are on the up and up and shouldn't be too strenuous. We'll see though.

The actual reason I'm doing this mini entry is to point out that I'm updating LJ on a bus. I'm on a computer, using the internet, on a bus. How awesome is that? I'm way too easily amused by technology.
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I'll let Alec express my opinion on this for me.

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On Monday, I dropped two classes and got into two classes I need for my new major. This of course meant that I needed to return the books I'd already bought and get new ones. So after selling back five books and buying two, I ended up getting back about $1.50. Yeah. That's why people need loans for college.


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