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I'm sure anyone who's a Supernatural fan knows there was a convention in San Francisco this last weekend. I had the good fortune of being there and the better fortune of having a brand new camera to play with. I took two videos (which will be under the cut) and some pictures (which I'll link).

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Yesterday's panels were delightful. Everyone was awesome and entertaining, and I now totally have a crush on Aldis Hodge. What are you gonna do?

My pictures, let me show you them. Warning: All pictures are blurry and low quality. Look elsewhere for pretty pics.

Julie McNiven )

Gabe Tigerman )

Aldis Hodge )

Alona Tal )

I skipped the karaoke and purple nurples because I fell asleep at ten-thirty. Maybe I can see if the bartender will make me a purple nurple tonight before the concert, huh?
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I'm posting from the Airport Marriot in fabulous Los Angeles, CA. None of the convention events have started yet. Heck, I can't even register until 1 p.m. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to post some pictures of my beautiful room, that I have all to myself. Ah, luxury.

This is just an initial picture post. There will be several more posts as I get more pictures and anecdotes.

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But first, how about the SHOOOOOOOW meme.

Dean: Dude, you fugly.

And now a picture of what I received in the mail today.

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