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You know you're reading too much fic when you have a J2 AU dream where Jared is a reluctant spy who falls in love with his assignment, recently widowed politician!Jensen. And the dream was in the style of a Hitchcock movie.
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For the first time in months, I actually had a dream that I remembered upon waking. And it was a zombie apocalypse dream!

I think it was heavily influenced by Left 4 Dead (which I never play), Inception, and Batman: Under the Red Hood (both movies that I watched yesterday). I was dressed much like Jason at the end of Under the Red Hood with the snug body armor and the two guns tucked into the back of my waistband. I was leading and protecting a group of survivors. Half of the survivors in my group were dressed in some seriously sharp GQMF suits. The other half was my family, also dressed in various forms of body armor. I was the only person to have guns because I had the best aim and I was the only one who wouldn't hesitate about shooting someone.

I probably would have forgotten all about it when I woke up if it hadn't been for the neighbors. One of my neighbors woke me because he was using a really loud weed whacker, and when it revved, it sounded like a really loud groaning noise. So I woke up with my heart pounding because I thought there was a zombie in the room with me.


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