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I'm having waaaaaaay too much fun creating an icon for a community I'm putting together. Here's a sneak peek into what I'm doing.

Screen Shot of the Manipping Process )
ETA: I gave up on the manip after an hour. You'll be able to see the finished product when I start advertising the community.
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So, there's this little show I watch. Maybe you've heard of it. It's called Supernatural. There's a rumor going around that tonight's an important episode. :D

I started watching regularly during Season 1 when they moved it to right after Smallville. The first partial episode I watched was "Faith." The first full episode I watched was "Nightmare." I think I've seen every episode when it first aired after that (except for two in the fourth season because I was at my sister's place and she doesn't get the CW).

I wish I had something special to commemorate the occasion, like an awesome fic or fanvid. Unfortunately, that's not where my talents lie. Instead, yesterday I did some meta. Today, I give you a crappy manip.

Where is your favorite place to make whoopie? )
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Wait, wait, wait. Batman: Under the Red Hood. Captain Christopher "I'm a GQMF" Pike. Barney "We have a date in 2016" Stinson. Lucius "I've got a pimp cane" Malfoy. Dean "I prefer to call it love making" Winchester. HELL TO THE MASSIVE FUCKING YES!

This calls for a MS Paint manip. )
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Today is Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S. I would like to take a moment and explain how this is possibly the very first Supernatural Super Bowl.

Cut For MS Paint Manips )


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