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Ugh, LJ. Why do you have to be stupid in the same way Facebook is? Don't just roll out new features without warning everyone about the changes. So flisties, please don't crosspost any comments on my LJ to Facebook or Twitter please. I would appreciate it.

Minor fandom pet peeve: Let me start by saying that I love Inception and the Inception fandom. I love the fic, I love the art, and I spend time I should be doing homework hanging out in the kink meme. Having said that, let me show you my pet peeve. In my opinion, the physical characteristics of a character do not necessarily match the physical characteristics of the actor playing them. For instance, if an actor dyed their hair blonde to play a character, that character may be a natural blonde and not whatever hair color the actor is. Little things like that.

That's why it somewhat annoys me that it's widely accepted fanon that Eames has tattoos. If you look at fanart, they even seem to look like the same tattoos Tom Hardy has. I have watched Inception multiple times, and I can think of only one instance that you can see any tattoo and that time it was just the slightest hint of one. You'd have to be watching for it to see it. So my thought in this case is that since Eames wasn't shirtless in the movie and didn't flash tattoos, that Eames does not actually have tattoos.

Anyway, like I said, it's a minor annoyance. I can see why people wouldn't agree with me and I'm not going to go into every single post that has a tattooed Eames and make my case. I just kinda wanted to get it off my chest.


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