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Soooo... I'm extremely bored. I'm Sherlock-Holmes-shooting-at-walls level of bored. I decided to get all my assignments for the week done yesterday, and then my first class of the day let out half an hour early. How am I supposed to entertain myself now? I don't want to read fanfic in the education building because that's not the sort of thing I would want people in the teaching profession to find out about. Nano hasn't started yet. There's a service dog in here (it's really cute), so I don't want to pull out knitting and get it shed on. No one's on IM to talk to. I'm so boooooooooooooored. Grr.
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My adorable, perfect nephew is one week old today. To celebrate, I got my very first flu shot. I've never cared in the past whether or not I get sick. There's just no way in heck I'm going to get anyone's cute, cute, cute baby sick.

The other 'exciting' news for today is that I'm nearly finished with one of my classes for the semester. I just have two more assignments to finish and turn in for Edu 214 and I'm done. I'll be only slightly ahead of the end of the semester, but at least I can still say I finished a class early.

I should probably mention: starting November 1, for the first time I will be helping to shape the young minds of America. I'll be helping to teach a unit on greenness for a high school environmental science class. I am nervous and excite all at the same time. And in foreshadowing to how I'll probably be as a teacher, instead of working on my presentation last night, I was playing Plants vs Zombies. Yeah... I'm gonna be awesome.
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I never realized how restrictive everything is when I don't have my flash drive. I forgot it after a class and one of my classmates was nice enough to grab it for me, but I haven't seen her yet to get it back. Because I don't have my flash drive, I can't do homework on any of the computers on campus. They won't let me save my files even temporarily on the hard drive. I also can't do the homework I'm attempting on my netbook because the poor baby can't deal with the programs I need to use. It's annoying.

On the upside, I'm about halfway through the semester. I'm officially bored with it and would like it to end now.
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Aah! My lovely blogging streak got broken by Friday the 13th. Then I just got too lazy to go back. But I have inspiration now! School and my netbook.

I'm actually writing this entry on my netbook. I named her Plum after the character from Chobits. She's just as cute and tiny but she doesn't do a dance when she goes into standby mode. Computer programmers really need to get on that.


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