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I had an eventful day. I went into Sacramento to visit the Star Trek Exhibition at an aerospace museum. I'll probably do more of a write-up about it tomorrow.

I meant to write it today, but I watched So You Think You Can Dance and my focus is gone. We're entering TMI territory here, but I got so turned on watching the episode tonight. It started with Robert doing the Cool number and his partner wearing the really hot suit and the stockings with the line up the back. Then Robert and Kent doing the tango-esque dance fight. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and leaning forward for the whole thing. Whoo boy. I wanted more of that.
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I'm not done with tonight's episode so I'm not going to discuss it. The judges just annoy me so, so much that I feel I have to say something.

Robert and Adechike aren't as good as you think they are! You've killed Jose's spirit! Kent and Billy are endlessly awesome! Um, I agree with you guys on Lauren. I hope she wins.

Just stop pissing me off, you guys! *rages*

ETA: Billy's injured?! So what? The judges have decided they don't like having to decide who to send home so they push the dancers until they get hurt?
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Trying to watch So You Think You Can Dance and do Lego Harry Potter and post this at the same time. Therefore this'll be brief. (I want either Adechike or Robert to go home.)

Day Thirty: Anything SPN Related
[livejournal.com profile] kentawolf does a delightful comic called Encyclopedia of Weirdness that I absolutely adore. If you're in SPN fandom, you've probably read it. If you haven't, scooch. You need to go read it.

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