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Glee. What the ever-loving frick, you guys? I hate that show. Hate, hate, hate. I watch it because [livejournal.com profile] cho_malfoy does. The only thing that doesn't make me kill the tv before the show starts is Sue Sylvester. I would marry Jane Lynch if she weren't taken. Other than that, I don't understand the appeal of Glee.
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I've been trying to do more episode rewatch/recap entries, but real life keeps getting in the way. Today, for example. The power went out earlier for about an hour and a half. I wasn't getting a lot done then.

The other problem is I need to actually pay attention to a show in order to write up my thoughts on it and I haven't been too good at doing that lately. I've recently really gotten into knitting and end up knitting gifts while I'm watching shows. I can do two things at a time but not any more than that. At the moment, knitting has to take slight priority to recaps because I have birthdays and baby showers cluttering up the next month.

*iz ded*

Jun. 9th, 2006 05:21 pm
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I'm pooped. This morning, I helped my friend with a mess that her almost three-year-old son made. Really, the kid's grounded until he's thirty. He drew on nearly every single one of his bedroom walls with permanent marker. So, I spent a couple of hours scrubbing both the walls and the tub (he drew on himself too. the tub was purple.)

Adding to my exhaustion, I got up at 6:45 to do this. That wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for the fact that I stayed up until 11:30 last night watching the extremely stupid, lame-ass MTV Movie Awards. I weep for the lameness.

In order to keep from mood from declining further, I will simply touch on the highlights. For funny, there was Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby. I'm so looking forward to Talladega Nights. Jim Carrey received the Generation Award, and I swear, I thought for sure he and Will Ferrell were going to make out. All they did, though, was hold hands and do the Dance of the Happy Genitalia. Jimmy Fallon was great in the funniest of their movie spoofs, where they ripped on The DaVinci Code.

Two other highlights: First, Christian Bale received the award for Best Hero, presented by Routh, Bosworth, and Spacey. During Christian's acceptance speech, he proclaimed Batman to be a bigger badass than Superman. Word. Second, Gnarls Barkley performed his song "Crazy" dressed up as Darth Vader. He had a backup band that included Chewy, Stormtroopers, Rebel pilots, Jango Fett, and at least one Jedi. Sweet. (Side note: I thought Mr. Barkley looked rather nervous, but that could just be me.)

I'm off to read more fanfic and possible nap. Ta.
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So, today has actually been slightly more productive than usual. I found a job to apply for that looks perfect. (Temp state job with state benefits and overtime. Money!) I also updated my wishlist on Amazon, in case anyone is feeling particularly nice.

For those who don't feel like looking at it, it has Lois & Clark Season 3, Supernatural Season 1, and most importantly The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Smallville Season 5 isn't on there because it isn't available for pre-order yet). So, Brisco! Yay! *happy dance*

P.S. I will need another couple of days before I cool down enough to post a review of X-Men: The Last Stand. Here's a warning: I'm not pleased.
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So, Steven S. DeKnight answered questions over at TWoP (Television Without Pity, for those who aren't in the know) about Smallville. Its somewhat reassuring to know that former Jossverse folks are witty, even if they're not allowed to show it in their writing. Actually, I was almost completely pleased with this Q & A.

There were only minor issues for me. For example, there are some stupid Lois rules. She can't have any smoochy-like moments with Clark, even if he's on Red K. (Of course, its okay for him to see her naked. I'm confused.) Lois also can't have smoochies with Lex, which I can deal with because he has a girlfriend. They used to have a rule that Lex and Lois couldn't have scenes together, and I think that is the stupidest one. Good thing its gone.

My other issue was Mr. DeKnight's response to a question about Zod's behaviour towards Lana. He actually said something along the lines of evil alien overlords being allowed to fall in love with hot chicks. So why wasn't Zod macking on Chloe or Martha? I'm just saying.
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I really don't know why I keep watching Smallville when it keeps pissing me off. There is yet another article about it, this time in the New York Times.

In this article, they once again mentioned that they couldn't do their main love triangle until Lana was legal (Hello! Jason Teague!!!). It does make me wonder if they remember that while Michael may be in his thirties, Lex is only twenty-five. Is it really that odd for a high school girl to date a guy in his mid twenties? In my experience, not so much. You guys suck!

Also, they talk about how Clark didn't rid himself of that pesky virginity until season five while other shows will do that in epi twelve. I'm going to avoid my usual rant about this and just say the show might actually be better if they had a more casual attitude towards sex.

Finally, they talk about the end of the show. The end end. Which apparently will be season seven. They have all the actors signed until then (this statement better include John Glover). Wasn't it supposed to be over after five? Why do they hate their fans?

Let's not forget, things are supposed to end bad. And how will it end? "Badly!" Mr. Gough said cheerfully. "It's a tragedy — he doesn't end up with Lana, and he and Lex are mortal enemies. How is that good?" Umm, I think it sounds good. Actually, I'm looking forward to it. And hey, any chance Mortal Enemy!Lex might kill Lana? Please?

So, in summary: AlandMiles = stupid. Me = annoyed. Grr.

Quick note: The aricle is talking about how the show is popular with men aged 18 to 34. This is really not the first time I've enjoyed things aimed at that demographic. I am such a teenage guy sometimes. End note.
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Since its not possible to embed a You Tube video on LJ, I urge you all to go to my GJ.
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CW just announced their official line-up for the fall. Nothing really surprising, except maybe Everwood going bye-bye (not that I'm complaining). I am a little peeved that ANTM will be alternating nights with Beauty & the Geek. For a full recap off the announcement, go ahead and read the Yahoo article.

Also, TV Guide.com has an interview with Al Gough in which he discusses the end of the season. You know, they say the same thing at the end of every season. "You're definitely going to see the more ruthless Lex Luthor you know from the comic books really start to emerge." They've never said that before. On the upside, Al Gough did admit that Jason and Lana were annoying.


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