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I saw this a couple different places and had to give it a try, even though I don't actually write that much. I went back into my older entries and dug up four ficlets that I had done over the years. Three out of four times I got Chuck Palahniuk, which is why I posted this badge. It's possible I like my fourth result best. Stephen King. I have a hard time reading his books sometimes, but I consider On Writing to be one of the greatest memoir/writing advice books ever. On the other hand, Fight Club. There was no losing with this.
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Yar! Ahoy, mateys, this be the end of Talk Like a Pirate Day. It did be spent at Oktoberfest, and with me little sister and her hound coming aboard our ship. Or something. I suck at talking like a pirate, so that's all you're getting.

So, Oktoberfest. There was not!oompah music (They didn't have a tuba. I felt gypped.) There was beer (that I didn't drink). There were pretzels. (I don't think they were big since they only cost a buck. I wouldn't know for sure since I never saw one.) And there was lederhosen. (Dude, lederhosen!)

Also, there was a local author book signing. My mom participated because she is in fact a published author in the local area. Yay Ma! [livejournal.com profile] cho_malfoy and I were there to help out and lend emotional support. What we really ended up doing was coming up with ideas for how to build confidence, speak in public, and sell books.

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I haven't written much of anything in way too long, mostly because I loathe my writing. For some reason, story ideas come fast and furious anyway. I'm actually considering one or two for the purposes of getting me going again.

I would say the one that's most out there is the idea of writing a rock opera written around Muse songs. I'm thinking dystopian near-future. I'm thinking evil, totalitarian society and the resistance trying to take it down. Basically, I'm thinking V for Vendetta meets Mamma Mia but with more electric guitar.

I need help, though. If I decided to do this, I need to figure out what songs would be in it. So, if you would please, take my poll. Pretty please? Remember, just Muse songs.

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