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I have a subscriber on YouTube! I don't know why I feel accomplished, but I do! Go me!

I do feel a little bad for the subscriber since I'll likely never post another video, but still. Subscriber, whoo!
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I'm sure anyone who's a Supernatural fan knows there was a convention in San Francisco this last weekend. I had the good fortune of being there and the better fortune of having a brand new camera to play with. I took two videos (which will be under the cut) and some pictures (which I'll link).

Image and video heavy )

Woe Is Me

Aug. 3rd, 2010 11:41 pm
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Applying for jobs is haaaaaaard. Why can't someone just give me a flipping job already? I promise I'm good at whatever you want me to be good at. /whining

To make sure this post isn't entirely useless, have a cat being Rickrolled.

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Language is a funny thing, especially when you start getting into colloquialisms and swears. For some reason, some of those don't translate that well across. I saw this recent example of that on Boing Boing.

Here, a man is teaching Korean speakers English swear words so they'll recognize when a foreigner curses. I find a few of things amusing about this. 1) Apparently in Korean, a word teenagers use that means both good and bad is 'pickled'. 2) It's somewhat odd to hear someone cussing when it's obvious the words they're saying don't mean anything to them. 3) The fact that this gentleman is only teaching the words so Korean speakers can recognize them. He actually encourages people watching the video never to use them. More than that, when he's using Korean swear words as examples, he claims that he's never used those words before in his entire life. I'm not sure it's actually, physically possible to be that polite.

Seriously though, you should watch the video.

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Here, have a cat video.

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Tonight, I give you two videos that have been recced everywhere. I will share them anyway.

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...But today's not that day. Have a Top Gear video I stole from [livejournal.com profile] cho_malfoy.

I didn't even know they made three-wheeled cars. )
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It is now possible to embed YouTube videos into LJ. To celebrate, I bring you the UK Supernatural promo.

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I'm really very sorry you can't embed You Tube stuff over here. However, I can still link. Go watch Wife Swap One.
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Watch this thing on YouTube. I order you!

Robot Chicken does Star Wars.
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Since its not possible to embed a You Tube video on LJ, I urge you all to go to my GJ.


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